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Wireless Fronthaul

Application Overview

Optical fronthaul networks are deployed with various Radio Access Network (RAN) architectures consisting of centralized baseband controllers and standalone radio heads installed at remote cell sites. With increasing distance between BBU (BaseBand Unit) and RU (Remote Unit), fiber based mobile fronthaul had been introduced. In their efforts to lower power and space costs, the mobile operators have implemented both Centralized-RAN and Cloud-RAN, where baseband for many radios is centralized. The introduction of 5G will accentuate the need for fiber optics connections in the wireless infrastructure while also raising the requirements to speed.

With the continuously growing need for bandwidth in mobile networks, the role of high quality optical transceivers capable of operating in outdoor conditions has become critical.  OE Solutions has been a pioneering player in mobile fronthaul optics for original RAN architecture and recent 4G LTE network for more than a decade.  Our environmentally hardened WDM solutions and single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi) solutions have been core products for more efficient fronthaul architectures.

OE Solutions has a complete portfolio of optical transceivers for wireless applications with the focus on C-RAN fronthaul networks.  We offer a full product portfolio of optical transceivers for CPRI/OBSAI along with the upcoming eCPRI, which is critical for 5G fronthaul.  Some of our successful products are hardened CWDM and DWDM transceivers as well as high link budget BIDI modules. Our modules support operations over multiple CPRI rates. We have supported data rates from 1.25Gb/s to 10Gb/s (CPRI option 2 through option 8).  Our latest offering includes the 25Gbps optics (CPRI option 10) with key emphasis on upcoming 5G network deployments.

Key features
  • Support of all CPRI and Ethernet rates up to 25Gbps

  • Standard, Extended and Industrial temperature ranges

  • BIDI and WDM variants

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