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Transport and Interconnect

Application overview

Data is an ever-expanding foundation for both consumer and enterprise services. Cloud services, streaming of entertainment and tasks completed via the internet is driving a rapidly rising use of bandwidth across all layers of the network connecting us today. This in turn is causing an exponential growth in network devices, such as switches and serves, connected by optical fibers and transceivers. This is seen in bandwidth scalable architectures, which traditionally were confined to the aggregation layers of the network being pushed towards the edge. As users demand gigabit to the desk or now even to their smart phones, technologies such as WDM (with ever increasing density), high-bit-rate interfaces and single-fiber connection are expanding beyond the central offices into outdoors environment close to the end users to make high bandwidth ubiquitous.

Optical transceivers are expanding their role in networks as bandwidth grows leveraging the spectrum of optical fibers further while minimizing the cost per bit delivered. Various forms of WDM – dense as well as coarse, in many cases using non-standard wavelengths, are being deployed to optimize the capacity over existing fibers. Single-fiber transmission allows two-way connectivity where fibers are scarce. Long link spans with corresponding high link budgets save cost of amplifiers and their maintenance but challenge the transceivers with higher requires – often at the same time data rates are going up. The expansion outside central offices and their controlled environments adds further challenges as transceivers must accommodate very wide operating temperature ranges from -40°C to more than 90°C in some cases.

OE Solutions offers a wide range of standard and customized transceivers, which enable the growth of bandwidth towards the edge of the network where environmental requirements are more severe and optical fibers less abundant. We take pride in collaborating closely with our customers to address these challenging requirements whether they can be met by one of our many existing transceiver products or require customization. We make the odd wavelength, meet the high link budget, make do with a single fiber or tolerate the extreme heat.

Key features
  • Broad portfolio of TDM, CWDM and DWDM transceivers

  • Non-standard wavelengths

  • Standard, Extended and Industrial temperature ranges - and beyond

  • BIDI and BIDI-CWDM variants

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