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Network Enhancements

Application overview

Carriers are rapidly migrating their legacy networks to packet-based network solutions. However, demand for TDM services in mobile networks and leased lines for business access continues to exist. That leaves service providers with the challenge of meeting this legacy demand in a cost-effective manner while deploying next generation packet network solutions. Pseudo-wire technology is effective in transporting TDM signals over a packet network but typically come in the form of equipment made for very high channel counts.

OE Solutions has an extensive portfolio of Smart SFPs that enables a smooth transition from legacy TDM towards packet networks by implementing various forms of pseudo-wire in pluggable transceiver modules. These SFPs convert E1/T1, T3 or OC-3/12/48 SONET/SDH signals to a packet stream. Operators now have a cost-effective alternative: instead of upgrading systems with dedicated TDM over Packet cards or installing new equipment they can simply add the plug-and-play Smart SFP to any router or packet switch where a TDM service is demanded.

Adding legacy PDH or SONET/SDH services to a packet network only requires two simple steps. First, you provision a point to point service in your packet network. Second, you insert a Smart SFP at each endpoint. That is all it takes to set up a highly reliable point to point connection such as an E1 service to a legacy base station!

Other network enhancing solutions, which are available in the form of cost- and space-efficient transceiver integration, include service assurance, i.e. OAM features at Layer-2 and Layer-3, as well as network timing for SyncE over copper connections.

Many customers already enjoy the benefits of the Smart SFP, such as reduced power, low complexity and small size, resulting in immediate CAPEX and OPEX savings. The Smart SFPs support the industrial temperature range and are available with various optical and electrical interfaces to cover every legacy application.

Smart solutions
  • Network migration, TDMoP/CES pseudowire

  • Service assurance including Level 2 and 3 OAM

  • Network timing - SyncE over copper

  • Smart management solutions

  • For additional information visit www.SmartSFP.com

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