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Fixed Broadband

Application Overview

Growth in bandwidth demand driven among others by mobile applications, cloud computing, 4K TV and online gaming at both residential and commercial settings requires service providers to continue investing in telecom equipment and technologies to increase the capacity and efficiencies of their fixed broadband and access networks. Technologies such as PON (Passive Optical Access), Ethernet-Access and Cable (DOCSIS and CATV/HFC) are used to drive much of the fixed line access networks. Changes in traffic usage patterns from legacy Asymmetric (high bandwidth downstream and lower bandwidth upstream) to more Symmetric bandwidth usage also requires attention from service.

To support these changes and market dynamics, operators look for advanced access technologies such as various combinations of PON, EPON and Ethernet technologies at 1G and 10G data rates. Outdoor deployments and growing commercial use cases, such as using cable and PON networks as backhauling technology for wireless and cellular expansion, also drive the demand for products capable of operating at environmentally challenging conditions such as Industrial Temperature (IT), and even beyond. New technologies combined with advanced network architectures and topologies such as Remote PHY (RPHY), Remote OLT (ROLT) and PON Extenders are growing in popularity, Consequently, optical transceivers supporting protocols, such as Ethernet, DWDM, CWDM and “Ethernet-like interfaced” PON OLT, are needed to enable these new deployments.

OE Solutions is at the forefront of these new developments and trends in the fixed broadband and cable access markets offering a broad portfolio of PON products including OLT of various types (Type 1, 2, 4 OLT), 10G ONU, WDM-OLT, GBE-ONU as well as CWDM and DWDM XFP, SFP, SFP+ transceivers for various reaches and temperature ranges (C-temp, I-Temp and “beyond I-Temp”). OE Solutions offers also BiDi transceiver options for these applications. Many of OE Solutions products are deployed around the world enabling and supporting live broadband and access networks of both residential and commercial nature. A unique advantage of OE Solutions offerings is our ability to consult, customize and modify our products to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Key features
  • Broad range of types including WDM

  • Temperature ranges beyond IT

  • High link budget variants

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