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Image of PON/Burst-mode Transceivers

PON/Burst-mode Transceivers

Optical transceivers for Passive Optical Network architectures using burst-mode technology.

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List of PON/Burst-mode Transceivers Products
Part Number Form Factor Category Protocols Tx Data Rate Rx Data Rate Tx Wavelength(s) Rx Wavelength(s) Link Budget Temperature Range Duplex/Bidirectional
RSL8777X-GGI XFP OLT 10G-EPON 10Gb/s 10Gb/s 1577nm 1270nm 30dB -40℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RTLC978X-GGx-yy XFP WDM OLT 10G-EPON 10Gb/s 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s DWDM (C-Band) 1528nm~1563nm 24dB -40℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RSL4333X-GGA XFP OLT 1G-EPON 1Gb/s 1Gb/s 1490nm 1310nm 33dB 0℃~70℃ BIDI View Details
RSL8978X-GGI XFP OLT 10G-EPON 10Gb/s 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s 1577nm 1270nm/1310nm 30dB -40℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RSL9988X-GGI XFP OLT 10G-EPON 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s 1577nm/1490nm 1270nm/1310nm 30dB/31.7dB -40℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RSN7877P-GGx SFP+ ONU Symmetric 10G-EPON 10Gb/s 10Gb/s 1270nm 1577nm 32.5dB -40℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RSN3433PYFGE SFP+ ONU Symmetric 1G-EPON 1Gb/s 1Gb/s 1310nm 1490nm 26.5dB -10℃~85℃ BIDI View Details
RSL9988X-HIA XFP OLT 10G-EPON 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s 10Gb/s/1.25Gb/s 1577nm/1490nm 1270nm/1310nm 31dB/39dB 0℃~70℃ BIDI View Details

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