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OE Solutions powers some of the worlds most advanced access network infrastructures, including emerging 5G wireless networks, next generation PON and DOCSIS cable networks and packet access networks. We develop the transceivers that gets deployed in the most demanding access networks – at the top of antennas, in the roadside cabinet or in a box hanging on a wire – where temperatures vary greatly and fiber availability often is scarce.

Outdoor deployments expose our transceivers to the icy cold of winter as well as the baking sun of summer dictating temperature requirements ranging as wide as from -40°C to +92°C. OE Solutions has a long history developing transceivers that operate in such temperatures as a supplier of transceiver for many generations of wireless technology, from 2G till today’s deployments of 5G. As the connection speed and number of users increase, requirements to operating in ever hotter environment, heated not just by the sun but also by the densely packed electronics, keeps getting more and more stringent.

As the bandwidth consumed by consumers and enterprises have grown exponentially, fiber scarcity is a common problem at the edge of the network. The trend will not stop as 5G wireless technology and next generation cable systems promise unprecedented speeds to end users. In addition, the number of bandwidth consuming devices is expected to explode with the Internet of Things (IOT). Higher data rates satisfy only part of the growing demand. Other technologies, like WDM and bidirectional transmission, will be leveraged much more broadly to support the growth in bandwidth that will be delivered to the very edge of the network.

Network infrastructures are converting from predominantly TDM-based networks to packet-based networks. However, doing so has implications that will remain for decades until all the infrastructure including connected devices have been upgraded. OE Solutions’ portfolio of SMART SFPs employ data processing in the transceiver module to mitigate these implications. Such functions include protocol conversion to connect TDM equipment over a packet network and allowing complete and efficient network upgrades. Other functionality available in pluggable transceivers include OAM features and timing distribution.

OE Solutions is a leading supplier of bidirectional transceivers with extreme temperature ranges, both grey optics and WDM, both with data transparency and with data processing. With a home market, which led the world in deployment of new wireless technologies, we have tackled such challenges from the time the company was founded. Today, OE Solutions applies its first-hand knowledge and skills gained by serving this market for more than 10 years to develop optical transceivers for some of the most challenging network deployments.

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