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February 25, 2014

Creanord, OE Solutions and AimValley show interworking of CreaNODE 3000 and TWAMP Smart SFP™

By OE Solutions

BARCELONA, 25 February 2014 — OE Solutions and AimValley today introduce the TWAMP Smart SFP™ Reflector for Service Assurance in layer 3 networks. At the same time, Creanord introduces the CreaNODE 3000, a powerful initiator for layer 2 and layer 3 Service Assurance.

Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) tools are essential for service turn-up and Service Level Assurance in IP networks. The TWAMP Smart SFP™ provides operators with these tools for monitoring and troubleshooting IP services by simply replacing a conventional SFP with a Smart SFP™. In combination with the CreaNODE 3000, which was successfully tested for interoperability with the TWAMP Smart SFP™, a complete and cost-effective solution for end-to-end layer 3 monitoring is now available.

The TWAMP Smart SFP™ provides customers with an easy solution for monitoring and troubleshooting using standardized protocols: IP layer service monitoring using TWAMP according to RFC5357 and physical layer monitoring via remote DDMI digital diagnostics monitoring retrieval. The Smart SFP™ delivers these integrated OAM capabilities at Gigabit Ethernet wire speed with very low latency, while serving a wide range of optical and reach applications.

The CreaNODE 3000 Ultra-Performance Network Measurement Probe is a game changer. Not only is it highly accurate and powerful, providing Ethernet and IP network monitoring with unparalleled scalability and reach. Thanks to the capability to extract performance metrics from already deployed multi-vendor networks and interwork with Smart SFP™ it enables performance monitoring at a disruptive price point. The CreaNODE 3000 provides cost-optimized monitoring of Mobile Backhaul and Business WAN, scaling beyond 10 000 targets without compromising measurement accuracy. This game changing device fulfils the requirement to assure four or more Classes of Service with one single unit, while scaling to thousands of sites.

“The combination of the AimValley Smart SFP and CreaNODE 3000 together offer the easiest way to extract performance metrics from already deployed multi-vendor networks,” said Antti Pappila, CTO of Creanord. “Together with the predictive analytics provided by Creanord EchoVault Performance and SLA Management System the solution provides unparalleled network visibility.”

“Since the introduction of the Smart SFP™, we have continuously worked with other vendors to provide the best solutions for our customers,” said Pieter de Boer, CEO of AimValley. “Together with Creanord we provide a best in class SLA solution, offering operators the choice to offer network service assurance at layer 2 or layer 3.”

Visit Creanord at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, from 24-27 February 2014 for a live demonstration of the Creanode 3000 with the TWAMP Smart SFP™. Please send an email to mwc14@creanord.com to book your personal demo time.
For more information contact us at sales@oesolution.com or sales@aimvalley.nl.


About Creanord

Creanord enables the True SLA Network Experience, assisting carriers and service providers to assure performance in multi-vendor networks and provide real time and monthly compliance reporting, extendable to customers through a portal. This comprehensive solution for Performance and SLA Management provides predictive analytics and improves network visibility to strengthen customer loyalty. For more information about Creanord, please visit www.creanord.com.


About OE Solutions
OE Solutions is a leading supplier of opto-electronic transceiver solutions for both broadband wireless and wireline markets. The company is specialized in single-fiber and WDM solutions over Industrial Temperature along with the latest Smart SFP solutions. Founded in 2003, OE Solutions has developed into one of the key suppliers of many systems companies worldwide over the last decade. The company has its headquarters in Gwangju Photonics Industry Cluster, South Korea. OE Solutions has offices in North America, Europe and Asia for better customer support. More information about OE Solutions, please visit www.oesolution.com.


About AimValley

AimValley provides state-of-the-art technological solutions for telecommunications and data communication systems providers. The company offers a full range of system level services including product definition and architecture, software design, systems testing, hardware design, and factory introduction. From stand-alone consultancy to comprehensive turnkey solutions, AimValley builds on its experience at leading telecom suppliers and technology research labs. For more information about AimValley, please visit www.aimvalley.com.