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March 2, 2023

AimValley and OE Solutions, announce today the addition of a new TPoP T3 Smart SFP Network Migration Pluggable Device

By OE Solutions

March 2nd, 2023, Hilversum, The Netherlands – AimValley and OE Solutions, announce today the addition of a new TPoP T3 Smart SFP Network Migration Pluggable Device to its extensive line of TDM-over-Packet Smart SFP devices.

A new alternative, to transport T3 across an Ethernet network

The TPoP (Transparent PDH over Packet) T3 device is a Smart SFP pluggable to transport a T3 (DS-3) across an Ethernet network. This TPoP T3 uses the SAToP (RFC4553) protocol to convert T3 packets into a single stream of Ethernet packets and is designed to seamlessly interwork with the regular NEM high-density cards on the market. This network migration device extends the already available T3 product line which exists of a T3 over packet Smart SFP using CEP (RFC4842) and the CPoP T3 which is a channelized Smart SFP capable of de-multiplexing a DS3 into 28 individual DS1 pseudowires.

“This new TPoP T3 Smart SFP gives us a very convenient and ultra-simple way to transport a legacy T3 service as we migrate our networks to an all IP/Ethernet network”, Senior Network Planner – Tier 1 Network Equipment Manufacturer

Smart SFP Devices

OE Solutions and AimValley jointly conceived the Smart SFP idea and started to build a comprehensive and feature-rich Smart SFP portfolio. The idea was built upon the strengths of both companies, by joining transceiver technology with systems and network technology.

Smart SFPs are deployed in networks for major 5G mobile operators, and communications service providers, as well as mission-critical networks for Utility, Transport, Oil & Gas, Government, and Energy.

You typically find Smart SFPs in equipment like:

  • EthernetandIP/MPLSswitchesandaccessandcellsiterouters
  • EthernetandIP/MPLSmicrowaveradiosystems • xWDMsystems
  • Packet/opticalsystems

Over the past 10 years, the circuit emulation Smart SFP portfolio has grown to support solutions for ANSI and ETSI markets for all TDM rates. The complete portfolio is available as a Plug & Play solution. Using the Smart SFP technology, customer-specific options can be provided.

The Smart SFP portfolio

  • T11.5Mb/s
  • E12.0Mb/s
  • T345Mb/s
  • SONET/SDHOC-3/STM-1,155Mb/s
  • SONET/SDHOC-12/STM-4,622Mb/s
  • SONET/SDHOC-48/STM-16,2.5Gb/s
  • PacketoverTDM(2.5GoverOC-48/STM-16)

Smart SFP Applications

  • 5G mobile fronthaul networks
  • Fixed-line networks
  • Packet-based microwave radio for 5G mobile fronthaul networks
  • Mission-critical networks

Evert Konings
AimValley’s Smart SFP Product Manager

About OE Solutions

OE Solutions is a global technology leader and vertically integrated supplier, specializing in direct-detect as well as coherent transceivers for mobile fronthaul and cable network applications at speeds up to 400G.
For more information, please visit the OE Solutions website.

About AimValley

AimValley is a world-class engineering and innovation center that develops high-reliability system designs and products (Hardware, Embedded Software, ASIC & FPGA) for Telecom, HealthTech, Industrial, , Governmental, Aerospace, and Energy mission-critical applications. For more information, please visit the AimValley website.