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March 19, 2015

OE Solutions to Showcase CSC LambdaRich™ Transceivers at OFC 2015

By OE Solutions

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ – March 19, 2015 – At OFC2015 OE Solutions will showcase CSC LambdaRich™ transceivers, single fiber bi-directional CWDM transceivers, which enable an 18-fold increase in single-fiber capacity over grey-optics bi-directional solutions. The new transceivers are backwards compatible with existing CWDM two-fiber deployments, while doubling cable capacity. CSC LambdaRich™ transceivers are available with several data rates and various reaches, and operate over the entire industrial temperature range.

Bi-directional transceivers are critical for many applications where the fiber count is limited, often because of the high cost of installing additional fibers. The most prominent application for bi-directional transceivers is mobile fronthaul, where leveraging the available fibers more efficiently is a must. The CSC LambdaRich™ transceivers are cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions for rapidly increasing the bandwidth delivered to the radios at the top of cell towers. Similarly, LambdaRich™ offers cost-effective capacity relief in other CWDM and grey-optics applications.

The LambdaRich™ transceivers enable bi-directional transmission using two sub-bands within the conventional 20-nm CWDM bands. For this purpose, OE Solutions developed a unique technology referred to as CSC (Cooled Single Channel), which allows more-tightly controlled laser wavelengths in packages required for mobile fronthaul, business Ethernet, and other cost sensitive applications.

“CSC LambdaRich™ transceivers solve the urgent challenge of rapidly increasing mobile bandwidth capacity demands in a very elegant way as also evidenced by the high score it received at the Lightwave Innovation Awards,” said Per Hansen, vice president of marketing and sales at OE Solutions. “ With this new solution, operators can add bandwidth quickly in a cost-effective way, without having to reconfigure the cabling of the towers.”

“Increasing fiber capacity at a lower cost in mobile networks is a high priority for the industry, and nowhere more so than at the edge in fronthaul and backhaul applications,” stated Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst at Infonetics Research “The CSC LambdaRich™ transceiver from OE Solutions is an innovative solution that will offer higher transmission bandwidth on the existing fiber.”

CSC LambdaRich™ transceivers with 2.5 G and 3 G data rates are shipping in volume for deployment, and models with 5 G and 6 G data rates are sampling now.

Attendees at OFC 2015 taking place in Los Angeles Convention Center will have an opportunity to see a live demonstration of the CSC LambdaRich™ Transceivers with 5 G and 6 G data rates at Booth #1655 during March 24 – 26.