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September 20, 2018

OE Solutions introduces Packet over SONET Smart SFP

By OE Solutions

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, September 20, 2018 — OE Solutions announces a Smart SFP for 2.5 Gbps Packet over SONET/SDH. This new SFP+ transceiver introduces the possibility to connect routers and switches across SONET/SDH networks, without the need for a dedicated interface card. OE Solutions already has a rich portfolio of Smart SFP solutions for TDM over Packet, that allows customers, ranging from large network equipment manufacturers to small city carriers, to deploy new services on their network or to solve problems which could not be easily solved before, by using the Smart SFPs.

One of the remaining problems in today’s networks is the interconnection of packet networks across SDH or SONET. Although many networks have been upgraded to native packet technology, there are still areas that have not yet been migrated and only provide TDM transport services. To interconnect packet networks across existing SDH or SONET networks, currently an external system supporting Ethernet over SDH needs to be installed or a dedicated POS interface card for a router is required. With the new Packet over SONET Smart SFP this can be solved in a much easier way. By inserting the Plug-and-Play Smart SFP in a free 10GbE port, any router or packet switch can be upgraded to support 2.5 Gbps Packet over SONET/SDH, saving power, space and cost. Additionally, it provides extra flexibility, as any number of SFP+ ports can be upgraded to provide a SONET/SDH network interface. The new Packet over SONET Smart SFP is currently in field trials and will be available during Q4 2018.

Thanks to the programmable nature of the Smart SFP and the wide range of available Smart SFP platforms it is likely that we can solve your problem using a Smart SFP. “Our innovative Smart SFPs are opening up new markets and applications. Our partnership with AimValley leverages our optical expertise and their network technology expertise to build unique products that solve real network problems for the operators”, said Y.K. Park, CEO of OE Solutions.

Visit OE Solutions at the ECOC, Booth #250, Rome, Italy, from September 24-26, 2018. Come to our booth and discuss Smart SFP technology with Jan Venema, CTO of AimValley, OE Solutions’ technology partner for the Smart SFP product line. For more information contact us at sales@smartsfp.com.


About OE Solutions

OE Solutions is a global technology leader in optical transceivers for both wireless and wireline markets. For more than 10 years, OE Solutions has provided innovative, intelligent and green solutions to empower faster and richer communication, delivering the greatest satisfaction to its customers. OE Solutions is headquartered in Gwangju, South Korea, with an R&D center in USA, a design center in the Netherlands and business centers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.oesolution.com.


About AimValley

AimValley provides state-of-the-art technological solutions for telecommunications and data communication systems providers. The company offers a full range of system level services including product definition and architecture, software design, systems testing, hardware design, and factory introduction. For more information about AimValley, please visit www.aimvalley.com.


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