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March 18, 2015

OE Solutions and AimValley to Introduce IP OAM Smart SFP

By OE Solutions

HILVERSUM – March 18, 2015 – OE Solutions and AimValley today introduced a new product called IP OAM Smart SFP™ in their service assurance Smart SFP™ portfolio. This device offers IP layer service monitoring, L2/L3/L4 service activation testing as well as physical layer monitoring via remote DDMI retrieval. It is available in duplex and bi-directional SFP form factors at various reaches.

Monitoring of IP services is critical for many networks ensuring quality of service and accurate fault location when trouble arises. Examples include wireless backhaul and enterprise services networks where requirements to service availability is high and cost of troubleshooting poor performance can seriously threaten the profitability of such networks. Furthermore, power and space continue to be scarce in most applications setting strict requirements for the implementation of OAM features.

IP OAM Smart SFP™ delivers a comprehensive set of OAM features for IP based networks at Gigabit Ethernet speed implemented in the pluggable transceiver itself. Features include L2/L3/L4 activation testing according to RFC2544/ Y.1564 standards, loss and delay measurement according to TWAMP and remote retrieval of DDMI metrics. It operates over the entire industrial temperature range and has remote DDMI for monitoring functional performance.

“With optical network services being mission critical for many enterprises, being able to verify performance against SLAs and rapidly pin-point trouble is a must today. The IP OAM Smart SFP™ is a cost-effective, zero footprint solution for enabling such OAM features,” said Jan Venema, CTO at AimValley. “The IP OAM Smart SFP™ enables SDN-ready performance monitoring, allowing commodity nodes to be extended with hardware-accurate time-stamping for undisputed measurement accuracy, simply by replacing a conventional SFP with a Smart SFP™. It brings lower CAPEX, OPEX and carbon footprint without occupying additional rack space,.”

The IP OAM Smart SFP™ is available for deployment now. For more information, please visit www.smartsfp.com or e-mail to sales@smartsfp.com.

Attendees at OFC 2015 taking place in Los Angeles Convention Center will have an opportunity to learn more about IP OAM Smart SFP at Booth #1655, during Mar 24-26.