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March 20, 2015

Live Demonstrations of 100G Discrete Multi-Tone Transceivers

By OE Solutions

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ – March 20 – At OFC 2015 OE Solutions will demonstrate 100G transmission with Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) transceivers based on Socionext’s DSP and high-speed ADC/DAC technology. DMT transceivers are emerging as cost-effective solutions for transmitting high bit rates, typically 100Gbit/s and above, in data center and access applications.

Deployment of 100G transceivers has grown rapidly over the last few years as bandwidth demand has exhibited explosive growth. However, due to the high cost of current 100G transceivers their use for relatively short distances, for example in data center, access and metro-access applications, has been limited. Similarly, their power and size have constrained market penetration.

Discrete Multi-Tone modulation leverages a single optical transmitter rather than 4 or more as required in other schemes that rely on a multitude of parallel optical signals at corresponding lower bit rates. Additionally, DMT transceivers do not require the high-performance optics of coherent solutions and also use a much simpler DSP enabling more cost-, space- and power-effective transceiver solutions.

“We are very pleased to be partnered with OE Solutions to deliver the CMOS DMT DSP and accompanying high-performance analogue technology, which we believe enable a new type of transceiver to meet the stringent challenges in data center and other short and medium reach applications,” said Makoto Ohkawa, Socionext Network SoC BU Vice President. “There is a tremendous market interest in lower-cost space- and power-efficient transceivers and we believe this is a superior approach to delivering that for these high bit rates and applications,” added Moon Soo Park, CTO of OE Solutions.

Attendees at OFC 2015 taking place in Los Angeles Convention Center will have an opportunity to learn more about DMT technology for high bit rate transceivers from OE Solutions at Booth 1655 during Mar 24-26.


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